Gozarr is a transportation service that use Mobile apps on IOS and Android Platforms.

It connects Gozarr Riders to Gozarr Drivers to schedule transprotation, pickup and delivery services.

A Rideshare for the Rest Of Use!

key Features

Gozarr is providing affordable transportation services for Underserved Communities and Economic Empowerment Opportunities for Gozarr Drivers.

Become A Gozarr Driver


1. Valid Driver's License

2. Proof of Insurance

3. 1990 or Newer Vehicle

Our Customers

At Gozarr, our focus is delivering affordable transportation services to Underserved Communities in Rural Counties, Suburban Towns and Urban Cities.

How Gozarr Drivers Get paid

Drivers are required to register and have a valid PayPal email. Payouts will be deposited into Drivers Paypal Account Weekly on Friday for Saturday thru Friday of the previous week.

Flat Fee Pricing

Gozarr launches with a one-way rides of two miles starting at $2.00 and $0.50 per mile plus tax. Flat fees start at $2, $5, $10, $15, $20...... according to a set range of miles.

Gozarr Is Global

IOS and Android Apps are Global

There must be Gozarr Drivers registered, to provide Gozarr Riders with transportation services.

  • Normal Ride Request

    A comfortable ride in less than 10 to 20 minutes, to get a driver on your door step. Rural areas may take longer depending on the availablity of the Gozarr Drivers.

Gozarr Rider App

Gozarr Driver App

Enjoy It

Fun Gozarr Facts

Gozarr Founder & CEO was born in the MIssissippi Delta. Gozarr is a startup launched in July 2019.